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Are You Terrified The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Permanently Close Your Digital Agency?

This Done-For-You Service Will Convince Virtually Any 
Insurance Agency To Hire You To Help Them Capitalize 
On The Current Life Insurance Policy Craze

Even If You’re a Complete Digital Marketing Newbie

  • No previous experience
  • ​No hard sell
  • ​No tech skills or confusing software
  • ​No cold calling
  • ​No face-to-face meetings
  • ​100% Newbie Friendly
  • ​Just click the Instant Access button below:

Get Instant Access to Your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

Here’s Just A Few Messages I Received 
From Extremely Happy Early Users:

Hey Ivana, I am liking what you have here. I like that it's to the point, no fluff and you have tutorials to show exactly what to do. Most people need a simple step by step - I should know I am one of them. It’s very targeted, and you are providing your customers with what they need to succeed. Love it!

Scott Lichau

Talal Abderrazzak

Wow. This is a full package that will help to position yourself as a Life Insurance Marketing Consultant. Totally recommend it!
High-quality graphics are a must when posting on Social Media, especially for clients, and these fit the bill perfectly. They're attractive and eye-catching, which is exactly what you need to stand out from everyone else.

Chrissy Withers

Ram Rawat

I really liked the strategy & Done-For-You offer inside. It’s really a complete package. I honestly believe anyone can get started with a digital agency today and can grow it even during these crazy pandemic times. Thanks for putting together a wonderful solution to a real problem out there. Great work!

Get Instant Access to Your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

Dear Fellow Digital Agency Owner,

Have you seen client after client cancel their contracts with you over the last few months?
Are you feeling anxious that this pandemic could close down your agency business?
Are you having sleepless nights wondering how you are going to meet your monthly obligations?

If you said YES to any of the above, read every word on this page as what I am about to reveal could literally save your agency business.
​AND, if you’re just starting out, listen up…
Now, are you a big believer in straight-up honesty? If so, let me be clear…
The bad news is it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better…

​Well, I have GOOD NEWS too...

YOU Not Only Can Survive This Crisis,
You Can THRIVE During This Nightmare
(and become a Hero)

While many businesses are seriously suffering, there are a few niches that are now experiencing an incredible BOOM time… with many making much higher profits then before the pandemic.

And when you offer any service that allows these local businesses to easily profit from this boom, you have a huge advantage.
Hi there, Ivana here, along with Tea and Mitali.

I've spent the last 12 years of my life within online marketing, and the last 2 years helping consultants build successful digital agencies.

I’ve seen trends come and go. 

                    However, without doubt, 2020 has been the strangest year of my life - has it been for you too?

My phone and inbox has been blowing up with calls from panicked consultants…

Because many of their local clients have cancelled or paused their monthly retainers... 

Yet, I found out by accident that a few clever local consultants have quietly been making HIGHER profits than before the pandemic…
That’s right. People may be saving money when it comes to other goods and services, but when it comes to life insurance, people are buying policies in their droves…
COVID-19 has really opened many peoples’ eyes and forced them to realize how truly vulnerable they and their family are to unseen health attacks.

                    I felt this myself. Earlier this year, just as the pandemic was taking hold, I needed to travel for business…

Of course I always have travel insurance, but for the first time in my life I also took out life insurance...

The pandemic forced me to realize that, in order to be the best mom to my 2 kids (and lovable dog), I needed to make sure they would be completely provided for if the worst was to happen to me, whether home or abroad. 
Another clue was that I started to see a few savvy consultants generating higher profits now than before the pandemic…
Because they were servicing insurance agents experiencing a boom as a result of COVID-19...
The only problem was they had too much work, and needed help coping with the demand!

And then I had an INCREDIBLE IDEA…

What if I could help these digital agency owners service as many insurance agents as they want?

In fact, even after lockdown, most people have been permanently changed in how they view health scares, and the demand for life insurance is set to continue… 

                    And, because I’m an expert at providing done-for-you social media graphics, I could help local consultants service these stressed-out insurance agents...

Digital agency owners could grow their business faster then they did BEFORE the pandemic.
Which is why....

I’ve Put Together A System That YOU Can Use 
IMMEDIATELY To Help ANY Insurance Agent
Capitalize On The Current Life Insurance Boom... 

Step 1

Find insurance agents who desperately need help with their social media (I show you exactly how to find them)

Step 2

Post and schedule our proven, high-quality graphics to your new client’s Facebook Page, automatically generating them new leads

Step 3

Collect monthly retainers like clockwork, all without doing any designing or creating the product

3 Simple Steps To Landing You High Ticket Clients Fast
(while becoming their “Coronavirus Savior!”)

Not only will you survive this crisis… you can come back from it even stronger and better than before this pandemic started.

I believe in this system 100% and I'm so excited to be able to get it into your hands…

Because, if you’re a digital agency owner, like many of my customers, this could be the difference between life and death for your agency…

And if you’re a digital agency newbie, believe it or not, this could be the PERFECT TIME to kickstart your agency dreams…

Making a name for yourself as the go-to expert for helping insurance agents build their reputation and sell life insurance policies during this boom time.


SociTransformers - Life Insurance Edition

SociTransformers is a collection of ready-to-sell social media marketing graphics that are perfect for any Social Media platform, and generate monthly recurring payments from insurance agents for handling and automating their social media management.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:

45 Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Graphics

Insurance agents know that Social Media platforms are where their prospects are hanging out, so they set up a Facebook Page for their business.
And then they....do nothing.

They’re far too busy running their agency to do much else.

It's a lost opportunity for them, but a great opportunity for you.

You can help generate the life insurance leads they are looking for!

You'll get 45 social media graphics, each with a text description, designed to promote the services of any insurance agent you like...

Gaining your client exposure and elevating their authority in their local area, resulting in sales.
If you schedule 3 posts per week for your client, this package will last for 3 MONTHS…

There is literally nothing for you to do or fulfill. Basically it’s all done for you - it literally can't get any easier than this!

Step-By-Step, “Bite Size” Video Training

Go from zero to local hero in 2 hours, NO fluff or filler.

You want results and you want them now, right? Who has time to go through long tedious videos? I want you looking at your first fat fee sitting in your bank account ASAP. 

Which is why I designed my course so you can go through it in one sitting. 

I’ll show you how to find insurance agents in dire need of your new social media marketing service, and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars, month in month out, for you to handle it all for them:

- 3 easy client-getting strategies
- How to provide your new social media marketing service with just 1 hour of setup
- How to edit source files to personalize graphics for each client

Editable 'Source Files' 
To WOW Your Clients With Personalized Graphics

Most social posting services out there provide general graphics...

So imagine how impressed your new clients are going to be when you tell them you can personalize each and every graphic, just for them. 

Add their logo, change colours, fonts and images - whatever they want, you can provide like a pro.

The good news is, our video training will show you how to do all of this within minutes, with ZERO tech or graphic design skills....

And with a completely FREE online tool (ssh...don't tell them!)

To get a sneak preview, click this video

Let Me Show You Inside…

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

Frankly, With This SociTransformers Package Alone,
I Don’t See How You Can Fail.

(Unless You Literally Do Nothing, At All, Ever —
 In That Case, No One Can Help You)... BUT


Free bonuses!

20 Social Media Images Promoting Your Agency

What if you're just starting out and don't have any clients yet? Perhaps you don’t have a way to showcase your new social media posting service?

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned local consultant, but you’ve been far too busy to maintain your own Facebook Agency page? 

No local business will take you seriously these days unless you have a professional social media presence where they can see what you do and what you have to offer. 

                    If you want to be seen as the Social Media Marketing professional they need, and get them to pay you monthly recurring fees, you're going to need a great social media presence... 

So, I solved that problem for you. I’ve put together a package of my best-performing social media images, each one focusing on social media quotes that show off your expertise in the subject matter. 

These images are perfect for you to upload and schedule to your Facebook Business Page, on Instagram or anywhere you like... 

Keep your FB page active, get instant credibility and exposure, and wow local prospects, all without doing any work yourself. 


20 Content Curated Articles Promoting Your Agency

I want every single potential client to think you are awesome. Which is why I’m also going to give you 20 content curated articles, that demonstrate to them that you are "on top of it" when it comes to social media.

                    Each one explains how important social media is for local insurance agents to succeed. These articles are from reputable online sources, such as Forbes, Social Media Explorer, Insurance Journal etc.

These will position you as someone who is a valuable source of education, and an expert who has their fingers on the pulse of the social media world. Just post these on your Facebook page and potential clients are sure to be impressed. 


SociTransformers Mastermind Group

Some people will invest in my SociTransformers DFY Package, but will never take any action. Why?

Because, at some point, they will have questions, they’ll want a second opinion, or they’ll just need someone to motivate them… but no one’s around, right? 

I know how you feel (I’ve been there too).

                    It’s why I set up an invite-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions when you get stuck, and get practical answers…

2020 has been a horrible year for all of us, but you don't have to be alone - just click the Instant Access button below:

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

Despite the current fear and panic, you’ve been given an opportunity to position yourself for future success.
The world will be changed forever after this unprecedented crisis, with people far more risk-averse and seeking out life insurance to protect their loved ones.

                    The world will be changed forever after this unprecedented crisis, with people far more risk-averse and seeking out life insurance to protect their loved ones. 

You literally CANNOT AFFORD to just keep your fingers crossed and “ride this out.”  

The post COVID-19 world is shaping up to be a very different world…

You need to be proactive and take action today to make sure you survive.

Are You A ‘Head In The Sand’ Person Who IGNORES
The Crisis Or Are You Someone Who PREPARES For It?

Agency owners who prepare for the long-term impact of coronavirus will RECESSION-PROOF and even GROW their agency.
  • Weather the coronavirus pandemic (even if local clients are currently cancelling their monthly retainers)
  • Offer a sought-after social media posting service to insurance agents, without needing to learn any design skills whatsoever 
  • Help insurance agents land more life insurance clients during the current pandemic boom time (more money for them = more money for YOU)
How good would it feel knowing that your agency business is SAFE (even if other agency owners are closing their doors forever)?

 Savvy Newbies Can Seize The Moment And 
Build A Wildly Successful Digital Agency From Scratch…

Even as a total novice to local consultancy, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a successful digital agency faster than ever before…

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

This Sounds Too Good To Be True...

If you want to press a big red button and have wads of $100 bills fly from your screen and slap you in the face, then my SociTransformers DFY Social Media Package is not for you.

But if you want solid, proven done-for-you materials that allow you to not only keep the wolf from your door, you can slay the damn beast for good, then you’ll be overjoyed with this.
Still, I know from experience only a percentage of people will respond…

Although that’s OK for me from a business point of view, it still bothers me, especially now when people could be on the brink of financial ruin…

                    I just hate the thought of someone not accessing SociTransformers due to some error or omission in my explanation.

Which is why I held a brainstorming session with my associates, Tea and Mitali, to figure out why you might say “no”.

After several hours, we could only think of 4 possible reasons: 
  •  "How will I find insurance agents who need this service?"
    Google is your friend! Just type in life insurance and then your area (or any area you choose) into Google search. You’ll find a ton of insurance agents. Next, check out their websites to see if they have a good social media presence on places like Facebook.

    You’ll be seriously surprised at how many have either no or sporadic presence, relying on old-fashioned word of mouth to get new clients, and would welcome your new social media marketing strategy that can get them more insurance clients.

  •  "I don't use social media - I'll never be able to do this"
    Look, if children can post on social media, then anyone can. Facebook themselves have step-by-step videos showing you how easy it is. 

    We know consultants in their late 60s who didn’t even have computers when they started, but now own hugely profitable digital agency businesses. Plus we show you exactly how to do it in the step by step vidoe tutorials. 

  • ​“I’m broke right now, I don’t even have a shoestring budget”
    I want to help as many people financially survive this pandemic as possible... 

    Which is why this costs nothing to get started. Just reach out to insurance agents, ask them how things are going regarding selling life insurance, and tell them you can help them reach 10X more people through social media.

    It costs you literally nothing to email people, or reach out to them on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

  • "What happens after I run out of the 45 DFY Graphics?"
    There’s no need to worry as we’ve already thought of this. We’ve created the “SociTransformers Club" where you can get 30 new graphics delivered to you on a monthly basis, for both your own agency page as well as your new life insurance clients.

Let Me Make You A ‘Cannot Lose’ Deal:

I want you to Get Results.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be able to save your agency with this program… 

(Or, if you’re a rookie, build a successful agency from scratch)... 

                     I’m offering this Done-For-You Package below cost. 

That’s right, I’m subsidizing this with my own money... 

But I won’t stop there… because   I’m also taking on ALL the risk. 
If investing just the cost of a pizza right now is enough to give you sweaty palms… 

Don’t worry because you’re protected by my no-risk... 

100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee:

I'm beyond convinced that not only will you be delighted with my SociTransformers Life Insurance Edition Package...

But when you take action, you'll be floored at your results .

You'll get your hands on this social media package in just a few minutes - and with ZERO risk.

Either you're completely thrilled or send me an email within 14 days to receive a full 100 percent refund of every penny you paid.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. Does that sound fair?

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

Be Honest Ivana, Why Are You Doing This?

I’m giving you an insane amount of value, and, quite frankly...


It’s taken a month of 16-18 hour days to put this together… 

Normally this kind of kind of high quality package would take 2-3 months to create, but...
the current crisis demands I get this into your hands fast.
​The longer I take….
  • The more digital agents panic about how their business will survive…
  • The more people become frightened about their family going bankrupt…
  • The more insurance agents lose out to the big insurance companies who sweep up all the new clients because of their marketing power...

 I Built A System That Helps Insurance Agents
Take Advantage Of The Current Climate,
And Helps YOU Survive This Crisis

Now, you could go the same route as me…

Spend 16-18 hours a day over 4 weeks creating, designing and testing which social media graphics convert the best... 


You can get the SociTransformers DFY Package. and ALL the bonuses, for a ridiculously tiny investment.

Still undecided? Listen to this

For example, let’s say you contact 20 insurance agents…
Remember, it costs you nothing to contact these professionals.

Do you think at least ONE insurance agent would respond to you?​

Of course!  
Just one insurance client will cover the tiny investment you’re making today 10-13X over by Month 1…​

Ivana, I’m In! But How Much Will This Cost?

Relax - it won't cost you an arm and a leg...

But I will say… I could charge hundreds for these proven social media graphics. 

If you did just a quick search on Fiverr to find a social media professional to create graphics for 1-3 months, you’d be looking at anything from $140 to $360+...
Yes, you could get some students on Fiverr to rustle you up some images for a fiver, but you know those images will not be professional or proven.

And, if you've ever created graphics from scratch, you know it's not a quick job to produce professional results. 

Good social media graphics take hours to create.... 

With my marketing experience, I can charge the kinds of fees you see above, but I don’t want to... 


                    Because I want people with 9-5 jobs who are biting their nails worrying about redundancy to sleep easier at night... 

And I want to help digital agency owners, worried about losing their agency business, not only survive this pandemic… 
I want you and your agency business to thrive.
As an experienced online marketer who has spent the last 2 years helping local consultants build successful digital agencies...

I can guarantee, there’s simply no one else offering this kind of proven, tested, COMPLETE done-for-you social media package…

Why you can't miss this

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

SociTransformers DFY Package - Life Insurance Edition, including:

  • 45 (3 Months) of Proven, DFY Social Media Graphical Posts ..................... $497 Value
  • Step-By-Step, “Bite Size” Video Training Client Getting Training................... $97 Value
  • ​Editable 'Source Files' To WOW Your Clients ............................................... $97 Value
  • ​BONUS #1 20 Social Media Images Promoting Your Agency ..................... $397 Value
  • BONUS #2 20 Content Curated Articles Promoting Your Agency ................. $97 Value
  • BONUS #3 SociTransformers Mastermind Group ....................................... $497 Value
Total Value = $1665
But Today, You’re Not Going To Pay Anywhere Near That...

For a Limited Time Only, You Can Access 
My SociTransformers DFY Package (Life Insurance Agents Edition) 

Just Click The Instant Access Button Below:
This is a complete done-for-you social media graphical package that effectively promotes life insurance for insurance agents, so they gladly pay you high monthly recurring paychecks.

  • This WILL save your digital agency
  • This WILL give you a job-replacing, long-term income
  • This WILL greatly help insurance agents who need to cash in on the boom...


It’s literally a win-win situation.

Want to know how you can do this? Allow me to show you - just click the Instant Access button below: 

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

To you and your family's health and financially secure future,

Ivana Bosnjak

P.S. My “hands free” done-for-you package will Corona-Proof your agency business and help you thrive during this crisis by helping insurance agents take advantage of the current life insurance boom - it works, period.

                    Remember, there is absolutely no reason for you to leave empty-handed. You can take advantage of my 100% Risk-Free Offer and Begin Generating Insurance agents as clients as soon as today!
P.P.S.  One more thing… Our DFY Graphics can turn things around for your digital agency TODAY. 
Not in 30 days, not in 2 weeks, but right now, as in A.S.A.P. 

Grab your access by clicking the add to cart button below.

Get Instant Access to SociTransformers -
your Coronavirus SURVIVAL System

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